If they had Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, they’d be great
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If they had Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, they’d be great

(Yahoo Sports Graphics by Hana Luca)

(Yahoo Sports Graphics by Hana Luca)

We’re starting to see an odd response to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on social media, mostly due to exaggerated praise for Mahomes from other broadcasters and media.

Here’s the thing: it’s all due. Whatever plaudits Mahomes gets, she’s accurate. Don’t be someone who can’t appreciate the player who might end up being the greatest quarterback of all time. It’s special. won’t go away. Nor are the presidents.

If anything, Mahomes’ 2022 season is under-appreciated. there was Indeed a big wave For giving Jalen Hurts the NFL MVP award last season before Hurts was injured. Hurt was great too, but giving him an MVP isn’t going to age well.

Last season, the Chiefs traded Tyrek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. Hill was amazing for the Dolphins, helping lift Tua Tagovailoa into a star and for a while threatening 2,000-yard touchdown. The Chiefs have not replaced Hill with any alpha receiver, though all-around tight end Travis Kelce was still around. And without one of the NFL’s best receivers, Mahomes has been as good as ever.

Mahomes led the NFL with 5,250 yards and 41 touchdowns, all with Hill helping turn Tagovailoa into a star in Miami. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the top seed in the AFC and was named the NFL Most Valuable Player. Then, after an ankle injury that didn’t fully heal until months later, Mahomes led Kansas City to an AFC Championship and a Super Bowl LVII win. He was Super Bowl MVP again.

This is what greatness looks like. Mahomes could retire tomorrow, at the age of 27, and be the first ballot into the Hall of Famer. Three players have had multiple regular season MVPs and multiple Super Bowl MVPs: Mahomes, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady.

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Mahomes’ coach, Andy Reed, will be a first ballot in the Hall of Fame as well. When you have two undeniable all-time great players at quarterback and coach, you’re going to be good every season. Mahomes has been a starter for five seasons and has played for the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game five times. They’ve made three Super Bowls, and lost two games for the AFC title in overtime. The bosses are probably already a dynasty and if not, they have time to add more rewards.

The Chiefs are in exceptional shape as long as quarterback Patrick Mahomes (right) and coach Andy Reid are around.  (Photo by David E. Klotho/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

The Chiefs are in exceptional shape as long as quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid are around. (Photo by David E. Klotho/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

While much of the praise goes to Mahomes and Reid, the Chiefs quietly reloaded and won the Super Bowl in the process. They had 61 starts last season, the most for any Super Bowl champion since at least 1991. According to NFL Research. Four rookies — Trent McDuffie, defensive end George Karlaftis, linebacker Jaylen Watson and running back Isiah Pacheco — have started a Super Bowl, matching the 2010 Green Bay Packers and 2016 Atlanta Falcons for most rookies to start a Super Bowl, according to NFL.com. The Chiefs had five Hill Trade draft picks, and that helped them make the roster younger. All while winning another championship.

It’s not like the bosses have no qualms. Kelsey will be 34 this season, and only one tight end has put up a 1,000-yard season at age 34 or older (Pete Retzlaff with the 1965 Philadelphia Eagles). The passing game will lose Kelsey’s dominance if he finally shows his age. While Chiefs have plenty of options in the receiver, none of them are Hill’s or even close. Chris Jones, Kansas City Defensive Player of the Year, Not happy with his contract. The defense may have been mediocre at best throughout the Mahomes era.

And last season proved that nothing else really matters but two things: Mahomes and Reid. NFL analysis has to be more complex than just talking about the coach and the quarterback. In the case of bosses, it’s really that simple.

offseason degree

The Chiefs lost offensive tackle Orlando Brown on a four-year, $64.1 million deal to the Cincinnati Bengals, so they signed offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor from the Jacksonville Jaguars to a four-year, $80 million deal. Brown played left tackle and Taylor right tackle, so the Chiefs signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Donovan Smith to replace Brown on that side. Smith is coming off a miserable season but he’s had a good run in the past. Offensive hook man Andrew Wiley also left in free agency, so it’s a transitional season at stake. The Chiefs lost receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mecole Hardman, but had been a stock receiver in the previous two drafts. They lost valuable postseason star Frank Clarke on a pass rush, but signed defensive end Charles Omeniho from the San Francisco 49ers. The draft did not get great ratings. Arrogant tackle Felix Anodyk-Uzuma, receiver Rashi Rice and offensive tackle Wanya Morris were the team’s top 100 selections. Last season, the Chiefs hit a big in the seventh with cornerback Jaylen Watson and running back Isiah Pacheco, so maybe some late picks will show up again.

degree: c

Quarterback report

Last season’s Super Bowl wasn’t Patrick Mahomes’ best game, but it will be one of his most memorable. Mahomes suffered a sprained ankle in the teams round of the playoffs against Jacksonville on a dangerous tackle. Mahomes left that game for a bit, came back and helped the Chiefs advance. His struggle ended at the end of the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a penalty when he was pushed after being out of bounds, resulting in a field goal. At the Super Bowl, Mahomes was in pain after a tackle in the second quarter. But he threw twice in the last quarter, and his 26-yard touchdown run on that bad ankle led to the game-winning field goal. Playing Mahomes to such pain to instantly win a Super Bowl has become part of his growing legacy.

Breakdown of BetMGM odds

The Chiefs were 5-11-1 versus the spread last season, tied for the second-worst ATS record in the NFL. This wasn’t the first time presidents have struggled against the spread. The reason is clear: Everyone knows Kansas City and Homes are great, and the odds makers are inflating their lines because they know the crowd will bet on them. The Chiefs are the Super Bowl favorites with odds of +650 at BetMGM. They’re +500 to have the most wins in the regular season, the shortest odds of any team. They are -165 to win the AFC West title, tied for the shortest odds of any team winning their division. Their win total is 11.5. You can respect the Chiefs, think they are the best team in the NFL and still not see much value in betting on them.

Take Yahoo Fictional

From Scott Pianowski of Yahoo: “It’s amazing that last year Patrick Mahomes had MVP of the season, leading the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns, without a single wide receiver of fantasy significance. No member of this receiving room has ever cracked the Top 35 at center, And the medalist from the group – JuJu Smith-Schuster – left.

There’s probably no right answer here. Kadarius Toney gained some steam at the start of the summer, but he’s out of knee surgery and wasn’t fit for the opener. Sophomore Skyy More barely played last year. Marquez Valdes-Scantlng is a niche player who probably won’t run tree road Rookie Rashee Rice might be willing to do something, but I won’t be good at it proactively. Maybe the bosses will beat her up again with a jumble of enemies.”

Stats to remember

The Chiefs had some good luck last season. They were 10-3, including the postseason, in games decided by seven points or fewer. Kansas City will always have a better than . 500 record in those games due to playing quarterback and coaching, but 10-3 is still a bit on the lucky side. Kansas City has Football Outsiders’ fourth-best injury luck Lost injury-adjusted matches measurement. Last season the Chiefs had the fourth easiest schedule in the NFL (via strangers football); This season they have the fifth most difficult schedule (Via Sharp Football Analysis). Kansas City also benefited by being awarded the top seed after the Cincinnati Bengals-Buffalo Bills game was canceled. The Chiefs were 14-3 and would have lost the tiebreaker to the Bills, who finished 13-3. The Chiefs were unlucky to win the Super Bowl last season, but they did get some breaks.

burning question

Are presidents better at defending than we think?

The Eagles got all the attention for leading the league with 70 sacks last season. The Chiefs were far behind, but still second in the NFL with 55. Chris Jones is unblockable at times. George Carlaftis had a solid rookie season with six sacks. The foundation of almost any good defense is top-notch pass rushing, and the Chiefs achieved just that last season. They had promising rookie seasons from Trent McDuffie and Gaylen Watson last season, and along with Legarius Snead, make a fine corner room. The Chiefs defense was 17 in DVOA for outsiders in soccer Last season, which is good when you have the #1 offense. The Chiefs are probably better on defense this season.

best case scenario

Tom Brady has the record seven Super Bowl rings. Patrick Mahomes has two episodes by the age of 27 (Brady has had three by the age of 27). It’s very hard to expect Mahomes, or anyone, to ever match Brady. But it is possible. The Chiefs are favored to win it all this season. They’re doing a good job of retooling the roster while still fighting for titles. In the Chiefs’ dream scenario, Mahomes could match or beat Peyton Manning’s record five MVP awards and reach Brady’s seven rings as well. It’s good enough that they aren’t outrageous goals.

nightmare scenario

At the end of Netflix’s “Quarterback,” Patrick Mahomes celebrates with Chris Jones in the locker room after the Super Bowl when Jones makes a reference to the two of them winning titles together. “Two of them,” says Mahomes. “We’re not done though. We’re not done.” It’s usually not that easy, not even for the great ones. Tom Brady went nine seasons between his third and fourth Super Bowl wins. Brett Favre won one in the twenty-seventh and didn’t win another. Same with Aaron Rodgers. Dan Marino and other great quarterbacks never won one. The NFL is tough. We think Mahomes and the Chiefs will continue to win championships, but it’s not guaranteed. If, like any other tight end his age through NFL history, Travis Kelsey finally hits the wall, and other receivers don’t advance, if the defense is below average and the Chiefs don’t catch some breaks, it’s not like showing up for another game. Of the AFC Championship is their birthright. Although it feels that way sometimes.

crystal ball says…

Chiefs will be very good again. I spent time last season doubting they could stay at the top without Tyrek Hill, but that was ridiculous. The Chiefs will be Super Bowl contenders as long as Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reed work in Kansas City. The odds are against which team wins the Super Bowl. A lot of teams aim for the Chiefs title, and it’s hard to repeat. However, the Chiefs will likely be the most popular preseason pick to win another Super Bowl. It’s hard to argue against it.

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