Should Chicago Bears WR DJ Moore be out of the Top 30?
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Should Chicago Bears WR DJ Moore be out of the Top 30?

ECR stands forexpert consensus ranking,Which means the average rank in the fantasy football industry and is usually similar to ADP (which varies from site to site). This continuous topical series will Highlighting some of the big differences between ECR and my own rank.

Wide receivers love more than unanimously

Garrett Wilson, New York Jets (ECR = WR10 vs. DDD = WR5)

Wilson was Top 10 predicted fantasy score among receivers as a junior, and is getting now A major upgrade at QB. Wilson caught passes thrown by the Magic Mike White42 years old Joe Flaco And Zack Wilson Last season, this last legit One of the most subtle mistakes And Worst quarterback to All time.

Enters Aaron RodgersWho is he Seemingly on the negative side But he played through a broken thumb last season and is a massive upgrade even at this point in his career. planes one way or another He led the NFL in passing yards last year in games without Zack Wilson!

Garrett Wilson‘s Pace without zack The QB was Les Leads the league in goals and finishing with 1,380 yards and nine touchdowns. Wilson averaged 1.85 yards per touchdown last season while other Jets WRs averaged just 1.10. He has it now Inner Circle Hall of Famer (Who led the league in deep runs and “dime cards” last year) throw him. Wilson Something seems the end of the regionled the league in First reading target stake within 10 And honestly Dominate the rookie Despite missing most of the pre-season.

downgraded New York in WR2 (Elijah Moore Left) during the holiday season While improving greatly at QB.

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It ranked Wilson as a top five fantasy recipient in 2023.

Amon Ra St. Brown, Detroit Lions (ECR=WR9 vs. DDD=WR6)

St. Brown isn’t a monster red zone target standing at 6-foot-0, but his use should lead to more touchdowns in 2023. He was tackled at the one-yard line three separate times last season (and inside the five several other times). , helping his colleague Jamal Williams Leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns, with 24%. The Lions replaced Williams with David MontgomeryWho was he The least efficient in the league Over the past four years and May not be suitable for the role of the goal line.

Detroit had an elite offense last season who averaged 33-plus NFL points at home, yet the Lions have One of the thinnest sets of receivers (incl whole season without TJ Hawkinson) Outside Sun god until Jameson Williams He eventually returns from stopping it.

St. Brown made the most catches in his first two years in NFL history and was the highest First reading target % (33.9) from Justin Jefferson Last season. Just Terek Hill king A higher target for each playback track. Saint Brown was too Fifth most red zone targetstied with Davant Adamsso a huge 2023 season is coming.

Calvin Ridley, Jacksonville Jaguars (ECR=WR18 vs. DDD=WR13)

Ridley was on the rise As one of the best receivers in the league before he walked away and was subsequently suspended, he will now play for one of the best up-and-coming quarterbacks in the league. Trevor Lawrence opinion The biggest increase in Passer Rank from year one to year two in NFL history and is likely to develop into an all-star this season (with the help of Ridley’s addition). Lawrence attempted to catch the fourth-most end zone passes last year, and there is no Alpha WR competing for goals in Jacksonville.

(One analyst disagrees with the consensus ratings: Midfielders who have to go up/down & Tight ends have to go up/down)

reports You have Ridley Looks greatand he You landed in the perfect place In Jacksonville On An offense that makes heavy use of wide receivers. I bet on him recently The talented Mr. Ridley To finish with the most receiving yards in the NFL this season at 50/1.

Drake London, Atlanta Falcons (ECR=WR24 vs. DDD=WR18)

London was Historically good rookie seasonshe no longer has Marcus Mariota throw him and has The WR2’s weakest competition in the league. London is The real dealAnd Atlanta will likely pass more in 2023. Questions remain regarding Desmond Readerbut London will play indoors for the Falcons, who are expected to own it Incredibly favorable schedule. the Good drake!

Brandon Ayuk, San Francisco 49ers (ECR=WR28 vs. DDD=WR20)

Ayuk Road running preceded him it was better of his fictional production, however Obviously ready Takes Your game to the next level in 2023. The 49ers go in to run first (on paper) and with plenty of target competition, however Aiyuk dominated SF’s wind tunnel Last season when he shared the field with Debo Samuel And George Keitel. Brooke PurdyHis elbow appears to have fully recovered, and he appears to be Incredibly effective passerby last season when he also led the NFL in TD passes after taking on the starting role.

Aiyuk can open by itself and he He is heavily favored to become the 49ers’ best receiver Move forward. He has Same wingspan like Calvin Johnson And he gets to play in it One of the friendliest offenses in the league. And just imagine if Samuel and/or Keitel were injured; Ayuk was 28% target share and gained 2.81 (!) yards per pass (He would have finished second in the NFL) with Samuel out and Purdy throwing him last season. Go get it.

Marquis Brown, Arizona Cardinals (ECR=WR33 vs. DDD=WR26)

Brown finished in the top 10 at Expected fantasy points for each game Among pass players last season, and he was Top 10 Fantasy Wide when DeAndre Hopkins was out of the field (f before breaking his foot). Brown saw Significantly increased usage without Hopkins, now located in Tennessee. The Browns’ seasonal pace for goals without D-Hop would have been fourth last year (163 goals), behind only Terek HillAnd Davant Adams And Justin Jefferson (Maybe you’ve heard of it?).

The Cardinals’ post-Brown depth chart might be the thinnest in the league (and imagine when/if it is James Conner going down too), so he’s going to see a lot of action in 2023. Arizona’s shaky quarterback situation isn’t ideal (and the new OC might run at a much slower pace), but the Browns have really dealt with The most accurate target percentage among all recipients Last season.

Hollywood looks potential alpha Available in ADP beta.

Jackson Smith Njegba, Seattle Seahawks (ECR=WR39 vs DDD=WR25)

When was the last time healthy, Smith Njegba middle a merely 192 yards And Rolling out a truly historic 2021 college season, when He compiled 32% of Ohio State’s yardage Although sharing the domain with Garrett Wilson And Chris Olaf (Also produced 347 yards and three scores in a bowl game they missed).

The time for the three cones of JSK was the same Christian McCaffreythat Should play well in the same role as OC in Seattle Shane Waldron used cooper cup In Los Angeles. JSN worked almost exclusively out of his slot in college, and Tyler Lockett ought to No problem playing more outside, as his yards per lane increased compared to the hole. Smith Ngigba brought up monster stats during this Sharing the field with two of the college’s elite WRs – Now just imagine if there were casualties DK Metcalf or locket. He owns the Seahawks Great offensive line And quarterback who ranked first by a mile in completion percentage above expectations last season, so Seattle should score a bunch in 2023.

This is your next star in this post.

Nico Collins, Houston Texans (ECR=WR51 vs. DDD=WR43)

Collins king Quietly curious basic stats Last season , And Houston has it 350+ targets cleared with Brandine cooks Gone (his replacement is 31 years old Robert Woods who finished just outside the top 75 WRs in yards per road course). Collins Air yardage numbers when on the field last year from the Eliteand is about to see Significantly increased role.

Texas You should also see a huge upgrade in quarterback play From the shaky detective Davis Mills For starters CJ Stroudwho showed Incredible accuracy in college. Collins can erupt during the third year appeared in Julius Jones A role in Kyle Shanahan’s crime.

Wide receivers liked less than unanimously

Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns (ECR=WR16 vs. DDD=WR22)

Cooper is a good play, but he He has never finished inside the top fifteen of fictional WRs. It assumes its own ECR/ADP big rebound from Deshaun Watsonfrom He struggled really hard after coming back last season. Cooper may also once again have to deal with some high winds while playing in Cleveland, often during the fantasy playoffs. Moreover, the add Elijah Moore Provides much more targeted competitionWhere there is Non-zero chance Moore show As the top Browns receiver moves forward.

DJ Moore, Chicago Bears (ECR=WR21 vs. DDD=WR33)

Moore A very good NFL receiver But it ranked 28th in Expected fantasy points for each game Last season, before Brandon Cox and Jacob Myers. It’s been a WR34 and a WR28 (per game) at 0.5 PPR in the past two seasons. Poor quarterback play can certainly be blamed on Moore who never produced fantasy stats for the WR1, but he would handle just as well (if not worse) in Chicago.

The Bears produced an NFL low 15.4 scannable goals per game last year! In other words, The target share of 15% with the Chargers was worth more than the 30% target share in Chicago. Justin Fields He is a fantasy beast thanks to his running and has a real chance of finishing QB1 this year, however ability to pass Moore might be pining for days Sam Darnold.

Moore should again produce strong target share, however The QB position is very shaky And Limited crime in chicago This makes him overrated in fantasy drafts.

Chris Goodwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ECR=WR26 vs. DDD=WR32)

Goodwin should be healthier than knee surgery, but loss Tom Brady characters to hurt. ft. Tampa Bay Most enforceable goals In the league last season, but the Boxers will also start Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask at quarterback in 2023. Furthermore, Goodwin was Disaster against man coverage Last season, when he was too It highly depends on the designed objectives – his thing The new offensive coordinator rarely does. Godwin is the WR23 in the Yahoo leagues, ahead by mistake Jerry Jedi And Brandon Ayuk.

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