Why Orlovski claims Tri Lance can’t play Shanahan offense
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Why Orlovski claims Tri Lance can’t play Shanahan offense

Why Orlovski claims Tri Lance can’t play Shanahan offense appeared in the original Bay Area Sports NBC

Tri Lance It got off to a slow start In his first bid to win the 49ers’ backup quarterback job on Sunday, and one NFL analyst believes the 23-year-old’s performance against the Las Vegas Raiders did little to support his case.

“I don’t think Trey Lance can play on Kyle Shanahan’s offense. I’ve seen enough,” ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky said Monday on Lance’s “Get Up” show in San Francisco’s 34-7 loss.

Behind a second-string offensive line, Lance got the start and finished the first half completing 10 of 15 pass attempts for 112 yards and 1 touchdown pass with a 111.0 passer rating. The third-year quarterback was sacked four times but deflected any criticism of the O-line after the game By recognizing his need To get the ball out faster.

Lance took an average of 3.42 seconds per game to pass the football on Sunday, and Orlovsky deducted from half of the preseason that the former No. 3 draft pick doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in Shanahan’s system for several reasons.

“One, (Lance) doesn’t have enough actors playing football. That’s a fact,” said Orlovsky. A close touchdown pass from Lance. “This ball is almost intercepted. It has to go left because the guy is wide open. The ball isn’t going out fast enough for you to see now, and I think after watching yesterday, he’s a lot more comfortable with a quarterback than a shotgun quarterback.”

“But Kyle’s attack really became a flying attack. It became distribution of the ball. It became a point guard. It became quick. And that’s just not where Trey is now. I want to be fair with Trey – he got better as the game went on, which is why it’s so important.” Those reps. I don’t think he can play on Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He should have thrown two interceptions. The ball is being held too long for him now, and it just hasn’t gotten any better in the three years he’s been in the NFL.”

While the Lance and 49ers offense started the first quarter with three-of-three in a row, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear after the loss that he didn’t just put the blame on Lance.

“I got off to a rough start for everyone, three straight full attack runs the first three times,” Shanahan said. “I don’t put that on Trey by any means. I thought the whole attack was sloppy at first.”

Shanahan’s offense is about timing, as a tight end George Keitel explained During the first week of the 49ers’ training camp, that made Lance’s ability to get the ball out even more important. And as Orlovsky pointed out, Lance got better as the first half progressed.

“More than anything, things were opening up, and they just had a good sense of what they were doing, especially after these joint practices,” Lance said after a game What Was Different.

Shanahan He also paid tribute to Sam Darnold, who is competing for second place alongside Lance, to run the game with the same second and third offense on the field. The 26-year-old has one thing Lance doesn’t: plenty of NFL experience.

But both have yet to prove they can thrive in Shanahan’s attack behind locked-in starter Brock Purdy – and there are plenty of pre-season opportunities remaining.

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